Aging Gracefully

Anticipating and navigating the transitions that come with growing older can be overwhelming for individuals and for families. For some, planning for their own future needs or the needs of an aging loved one can be complicated and stressful. And for those already trying to manage another person’s care, there are times when more direction or support are needed. In these cases, professional geriatric care management can be a tremendous help. Geriatric care management is a holistic approach to caring for older adults, assessing and planning for the needs of an individual as he or she enters into the later stages of life. A care manager is a professional trained to guide the course of care, like a captain of a ship, with a big picture view of the obstacles and conditions ahead.

At Aging Gracefully, we specialize in assessing the needs of individuals and families facing these transitions. Our goal is to maintain a person’s dignity, quality of life, and independence.  

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services we provide: